Nav Durga

Nav DurgaNav Durga
Nav Durga
The meaning of Navratri

Navratri which means “Nine Nights” is celebrated to honor the Mother Goddess Durga. When it passes through a prism, it refracts into seven different colors. It corresponds to the different form of Ma Nav Durga and praises the Supreme Energy in different ways. Calendar. The festival pays obeisance to the Goddess Durga and is also celebrated as Durga Puja in West Bengal. Gujarat’s cultural richness and vivacity show itself in all the festivals celebrated all across the state. Navratri is one such festival that aptly galvanizes the natives of Gujarat into a state of euphoria and celebration.

Why is Navratri Celebrated?

There are spiritual, natural and mythological reasons why we celebrate Navratri for nine days and every year. Apart from the celebrations, the festival is also known to spread love and positivity in one and all and colours play a very important role in this. There are widespread celebrations in different parts of the country. In Gujarat, the festival is marked as Garbha where people dance and make merry while singing songs in honour of the Goddess.

The History Of Navratri

The history behind Navratri is closely associated with mythical tales. As per myths, Demon Mahisasur had received a boon from Agni devta that no weapon will be able to destroy him ever and that had actually made the demon immortal. Navratris are celebrated at the juncture of seasonal changes. One at the beginning of summer and other at the beginning of winter. Navratri is celebrated with utmost fervour in all parts of the country. Most Hindu families in North India fast for 7-8 days and give up vices such as drinking and also stay away from consuming non-veg food.

Nav Durga Name

Devi Siddhidatri Devi Kushmanda Devi Brahmacharini
Devi Shailaputri Devi Mahagauri Devi Chandraghanta
Devi Skanda Mata Devi Katyayani Devi Kalaratri
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