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Devi Kushmanda

Devi KushmandaDevi Kushmanda

Devi Kushmanda Story

Devi Kushmanda

name is composed of three distinct words. The first word is “Ku.” The second word is “Ushma.” And the third word is “Anda.” “Ku” means little. “Ushma” means energy. “Anda” means egg. She is the source of all the energy in the Universe. She is the core of the Sun and provides direction to Surya, the Sun God.

After taking the form of Siddhidatri, Goddess Parvati started living inside the Sun so that she can release energy to the universe. Hence, she is known as ‘Kushmanda’. The name Kushmanda is derived from three words ‘Ku’ means ‘a little’, ‘Usma’ means ‘energy’ and ‘Anda’ means ‘the cosmic egg or universe’. The glow and radiance of the goddess is as bright as the Sun. She is worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri. Sun is governed by Kushmanda.

The second day is dedicated to Goddess Brahamacharini puja, the mantra for which is given below: Dadhana Karapadmabhyam Akshamala Kamandalu Devi Prasidatu Mayi Brahmacharinyan Uttama

Maa Kushmanda is the Fourth form of Maa Durga, It is believed that Maa Kushmanda Lives inside the Sun and enlightening the whole world by its ultimate energy.

Dhyan Mantra: वन्दे वांछित कामार्थे चंद्रार्घ्कृत शेखराम, सिंहरुढ़ा अष्टभुजा कुष्मांडा यशस्वनिम.

Vande Vance hit Kamarthe Chandrarghkrit Shekhram, Singhrudha Ashtbhuja Kushmanda Yashswini.

Color: Orange

Planet Pacifying puja: Saturn