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Navratri Greetings

Navratri Greetings Cards

Navratri GreetingsNavratri Greetings
Navratri First Day GreetingsNavratri First Day Greetings
Navratri Second Day GreetingsNavratri Second Day Greetings
Navratri Third Day GreetingsNavratri Third Day Greetings
Navratri Fourth Day GreetingsNavratri Fourth Day Greetings
Navratri Fifth Day GreetingsNavratri Fifth Day Greetings
Navratri Sixth Day GreetingsNavratri Sixth Day Greetings
Navratri Seventh Day GreetingsNavratri Seventh Day Greetings
Navratri Eighth Day GretingsNavratri Eighth Day Gretings
Navratri Ninth Day GreetingsNavratri Ninth Day Greetings

Navratri Greetings Cards

Navaratri Greetings – the nine-day long Hindu festival is one of the most revered festivals in India. While there are four seasonal Navratris celebrated in the country throughout the year, Sharad Navratri, the one observed during the autumn season, is considered the most auspicious. In the eastern and north-eastern states of India, it is believed, that Goddess Durga battled with Mahishasura and emerged victorious, and so, the festival is celebrated to mark the defeat of Mahishasura at the hands of Goddess Durga. According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated in the month of Ashvin, that generally falls in September and October.

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