Sabudana Khichdi

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Sabudana KhichdiSabudana Khichdi
Sabudana Khichdi How to prepare?

Sabudana Khichdi Ingredients
1 cup sabudana (tapioca)
1 large potato, peeled and chopped
2-3 green chilli, chopped
2 tbsp roasted peanuts, crushed
2 tbsp ghee
1 tsp cumin seeds(jeera)
7-8 curry leaves
2 tsp lemon juice
Salt to taste
Freshly chopped coriander leaves

Sabudana Khichdi Method
Soak sabudana in less water for 4-5 hours.
After soaking you will notice that it’s size is almost doubled. Drain the excess water.
Heat ghee in a pan, add cumin seeds, curry leaves and green chilli.
Add chopped potatoes and fry for 5minutes.
Then add the soaked sabudana and crushed roasted peanuts.
Cook sabudana until translucent, keep stirring occasionally.
Add lemon juice and salt, mix well.
Garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves and serve hot.
If you soak sabudana in excess water, then it turn mushy and sticky.
Check sabudana is soaked well or not, press the soaked pearl between your fingers it should mash easily without any efforts.
Some sabudana takes more time to soak , it depends on sabudana.
Rock salt or sendh namak can be used instead of regular salt.

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