Sharad Purnima

Sharad PurnimaSharad Purnima

Sharad Purnima is celebrated as a harvest festival and has huge religious significance. Many devotees fast in tribute to Maa Lakshmi on this day as well. This year Sharad Purnima falls on Tuesday, 23rd October 2018.

The Purnima tithi Starts at 22:36 on 23rd October 2018 and ends at 22:14 on 24th October 2018. It is believed that Maa Lakshmi was born on this day and if devotees stay vigil all night and offer special prayers to Maa Lakshmi, she bestows them with wealth and prosperity even if there is no Lakshmi yog in their Kundli.

Kojagara Purnima is a very importance vrat and puja people observe on this day in order to please Goddess Maha Lakshmi. The term Sharad signifies the Sharad Ritu or autumn season of the year. On this auspicious day, a traditional celebration of the ‘Kaumudi’ is held as it’s believed that the full moon through its beams shower elixir of life on earth and the brightness brings joy and prosperity.

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Indra are worshipped and night vigil is observed. It is said that during Kojagiri Purnima’s night Goddess Lakshmi visits every house and asks ‘Ko jagarti?’ meaning ‘Who is awake?’ Those awake are blessed with prosperity. According to a legend, once a king was suffering a financial crisis and so his queen observed fast on Sharad Purnima, worshipped Goddess Lakshmi and observed night vigil. They soon regained their prosperity.

According to Hinduism, it’s believed that Lord Krishna began his Raas Leela with Radha and the gopis on the night of Sharad Purnima. There are many other legends related to this day as well.